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Re: mouse freezes

* Rudy Gevaert (rudy@zeus.rug.ac.be) [020213 12:16]:
> My mouse also freezes in X, I have the same X installed in redhat, with
> the latest matrox drivers, and in sid also.  In redhat my mouses freezes
> but when I switch to console and back to X my mouse works fine (I can
> live with this), but in sid it's stuck.  The only thing that helps is to
> kill X.

Do you use the mouse on the console? If not, the simplest answer is
probably to remove gpm. I find it useful to have the mouse on the
console, and my favorite mouse setup goes like this:

(I have a logitech trackman marble, which follows the intellimouse
protocol (it has a wheel). It's plugged into my PS/2 mouse port.)

I run gpm, telling it that my mouse is an imps2 connected on /dev/psaux.
I tell it repeat_type=raw, so that mouse data will be repeated on
/dev/gpmdata without translation (i.e. it will look just like the imps2
read off of /dev/psaux).

I tell X that my mouse is an ImPS/2 on /dev/gpmdata. That's it! Then my
mouse works on the console, and it works in X.

Again, though, if you don't really want the console mouse, you'll
probably save yourself some headache by just removing gpm and telling X
your mouse is on /dev/psaux.

good times,

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