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Re: Minor, but irritating, symlink problem

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Perrin <andrew_perrin@unc.edu> writes:


    Andrew> Here it is. I have a symbolic link in my home directory on
    Andrew> my desktop machine that points to my campus-wide AFS
    Andrew> space:

    Andrew> lrwxrwxrwx 1 aperrin aperrin 26 Feb 12 15:53 afshome ->
    Andrew> /afs/isis/home/a/p/aperrin

    Andrew> Before, doing:

    Andrew> cd af<tab>

    Andrew> would get me:

    Andrew> cd afshome/

    Andrew> so I could then navigate within my afs space without a
    Andrew> second tab or character keystroke.

    Andrew> Now, it gets me:

    Andrew> cd afshome

    Andrew> so I have to manually enter the / (or an additional tab)
    Andrew> to get there.


    Andrew> Thanks for any hints.

If you happen to be a completion addict (the above-mentioned gives some strong
evidence) -- give zsh a try.

The default values are just working fine, but if you want so, you can
spend a couple of weeks tuning around, but no need for this.



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