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Re: W32/Myparty

On Saturday 09 February 2002 11:45 am, Brian Nelson wrote:
> Paul 'Baloo' Johnson <baloo@ursine.dyndns.org> writes:
> > On Fri, 8 Feb 2002, Jeremy Gaddis wrote:
> > > > where did you extract from any part of my post to the list that i
> > > > welcome replies to my address? post it to the list, or not at all.
> > > > unless someone indicates that they want you to cc: to their address,
> > > > have some manners--don't do it. especially, now that you know that i
> > > > do not want you to cc: to may address, don't do it again.
> > >
> > > How's this you fucking bitch?
> >
> > Both of you, stop being so rude.  Ben, if you don't want private email,
> > either put a disclaimer on your mail or don't subscribe to lists.
> No, you use a "Mail-Copies-To: never" or "Mail-Copies-To: nobody" header
> and then any halfway decent mail client will honor that.  If it doesn't,
> then it shouldn't be used to reply to mailing lists.

alright. in order to close this, let me explain the circumstances around it. 
normally, if someone responds to me offlist, whether by cc'ing a list 
response or otherwise, if i'm willing to carry on the discussion off list, i 
do. if i'm not, i generally send a polite response asking them to keep it on 
the list and not cc my address. given the nature of the communication above 
with mr. gaddis, the response he got was, admittedly, not as polite as usual, 
and was an indulgence on my part. however, that response was sent to his 
private address in response to a reply sent to mine. i did not post it to the 
list as, to my mind, it had, at least until gaddis posted it here, nothing to 
do with the business of the list. i hope that's clear to those who've taken 
the time to offer solutions as to how i should deal with cc'ed list postings. 
to give gaddis credit, he did honor the request, and hasn't cc'ed me since 
then. as for what i should do with headers or disclaimers, i think that the 
previous method of a polite response requesting not to be cc'ed actually 
works, since, on occasion, it's beneficial to take a discussion offlist.

thanks for the helpful suggestions.

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