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Re: Mailing list recomendation

On Thu, Jan 31, 2002 at 09:05:32 -0500, Brian Clark wrote:

> > Thanks for the recommendations! I have installed mailman and it seems
> > to work well. I do have this little problem with the entry it left in
> > /etc/cron.d I think that I activated it by editing (is that possible)
> > and since that happened, I have received errors in the root mail of
> > this nature:
> I have no idea what's causing your problems, but if you don't get an
> answer on-list or off-list, you could try installing it from the source
> tarball at <http://www.list.org/>. That's what I've always done (one of
> those rare cases).

Thanks a lot. I seem to have figured it out myself. It had to do with my
poor understanding of the /etc/cron.d functioning. I had submitted the
file 'mailman' in that directory to the root-crontab, by doing something
along the line of 'crontab mailman'. The syntax of the files in
/etc/cron.d are a little different from 'regular' crontab files, and the
'user' field (list) was misinterpreted as a command.
This seems to explain the affairs, does it not?

> Martin mentioned that you shouldn't use the potato version. Is that
> the one you installed? If so, you may want to remove it, update your
> sources.list to point to testing and grab it from there instead.

I did go with Potato, the Testing one wanted to upgrade about half my
system, including Perl, Libc6 and a lot more. I want to prospond that
move a little until I have restored my basic functionality (the reason
I did a reinstall in the first place was a system that broke because I
mixed too much of Potato and Woody, but that was about a year ago). For
the time being Mailman 1.1 seems to work for my (simple) needs.

Thanks again & best regards.

  Erik van der Meulen <e.van.der.meulen@avondel.nl>

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