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Re: [±¤°í] CD¹øÈ£ºÎ2002 Àü±¹ÆÇ ¾È³»

On Fri, Feb 08, 2002 at 08:01:36AM -0800, Bruce Burhans wrote:
| Thanks for the tip Baloo!
| __________________________________________
|  Okay, dman. I know that you're right. Re-install XP, creating
| partitions for Debian too......But----.
| 1)         A- I was planning on setting the BIOS to Standard VGA,
| because I'm worried about Linux  being able to cope with my Integrated
| Intel Graphics card.

The potato uses VESA framebuffer to start with (hence the neat penguin
logo).  I expect that all x86 video cards support the VESA standard.
Once you've installed your system, the kernel will use VGA (text-only)
unless you configure it to use a framebuffer.  When you get around to
configuring X you can deal with what the video hardware really can do.

|              B- Was going to disable  Integrated Winmodem in BIOS and
| use external one

I've never seen a BIOS that cared about modems.  Just don't both
trying to do anything with it in linux.  It won't hurt anything.

| 2)   With XP on the first partition, where am I going to put Linux Boot?
| Sure, I have LBA, but don't know how to use it.

The laptop I have at work looks like this :

    Name        Flags      Part Type  FS Type          [Label]        Size (MB)
    hda1                    Primary   Linux ext2                          23.23
    hda2        Boot        Primary   Win95 FAT32                       3003.68
    hda5                    Logical   Linux swap                         201.28
    hda4                    Primary   Linux ext2                       14910.02

/dev/hda4  =>  /  
/dev/hda1  =>  /boot  
/dev/hda5  =>  <swap>
/dev/hda2  =>  /mnt/windows

(win2k is the other system)

Winblows is the only system that cares which partition it is on.
Linux doesn't care -- if the boot loader can reach the kernel, it is

| 3) So now I have PS2 KB. What will XP think?

No problem.  PS/2 is standard/default.  In theory at least, you can
have both PS/2 and USB connected simultaneously.  Linux can handle it
great, I've heard of 'doze crashing if you have multiple mice!

| And thanks for straightening me out there........

no problem.



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