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Re: video card

I cannot speak from personal experience, but from the plethora of
horrible stories I've read on mailing lists and websites about the
general hella-crappiness of ati drivers (and no, I'm not just
referencing the thread that was featured on hardocp a while ago), I
would not suggest an ati card to anyone. Not to mention that they
stopped supporting the development of radeon drivers for Linux a while

Of course if you just want good 2D, you probably don't have anything to
worry about, but if that's all you're wanting then instead of spending
all that money, just go grab a second hand Matrox card off of Ebay, and
you'll have both excellent 2D and quality drivers.

If you're wanting accelerated 3D, I have had very good luck with my
Nvidia card ... yeah, yeah, Nvidia is evil and closed source drivers are
evil, but I have yet to experience any problems, and the performance is
very good.

I'm not trying to stir up a flame pot, these are just my opinions based
upon a slurry of information, some personally experienced, some gleaned
from completely unreliable sources.

At the end of the day it's your dollar that will get spent.


On Thu, 2002-02-07 at 17:56, Gerard Robin wrote:
> Hello,
> I plan to buy a computer equipped with a processor AMD Athlon xp 1600+.
> My vendor suggest me to use the video card ATI expert 2000
> with linux (my dist is potato 2.2r2 with xfree 3 )
> There is a lot of drivers ATI in the list.
> Is it possible that one of these drivers matches the ATI expert 2000 card ?
> Can someone give me some advices.
> TIA 
> -- 
> Gerard
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