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dman(dsh8290@rit.edu) is reported to have said:
> On Sun, Feb 03, 2002 at 11:48:52AM -0500, Wayne Topa wrote:
> | dman(dsh8290@rit.edu) is reported to have said:
> | > SpamAssassin does a pretty good job of tagging these so I can
> | > automagically dump them.
> | 
> | Then I am doing something wrong.  Spamassassin doesn't do anything
> | with them except put in  "X-Spam-Status: No, hits=0 required=5
> | tests=".
> |  
> | Must be a configuration problem but I sure can't find it. :-(
> Are you using 'spamc' or 'spamassassin' as the filter?  If spamc, is
> spamd running?  If you use "spamc -f" and there is a problem
> communicating with the daemon, then the message is returned as
> non-spam.  spamd logs connections in syslog (also 'xconsole' shows the
> messages). 
> Save the message to a file and run it through
>     spamc -f | egrep "X-Spam|SPAM"


spamc -f < mail/spam-test | egrep "X-Spam|SPAM"  produces
X-Spam-Status: No, hits=0 required=5 tests=

/var/log/syslog shows  
Feb  3 15:50:04 prince spamd[25251]: connection from localhost [ ] at port 4344
Feb  3 15:50:05 prince spamd[5841]: processed successfully for mail:8 in   2 seconds

Just got another one and it shows "X-Spam-Status: No, hits=0
required=5 tests="  again.  It has to be something I haven't done
right in spamassassin.cf/.prefs.  I have not added any tests to the
end of .prefs

I have a dream: 1073741824 bytes free.

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