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Re: The New World Order is Here !


Would you mind sharing your set of procmail filters?


* Stig Brautaset (stigbrau@start.no) wrote:
> Err... No? Whatever gave you that idea? Did you not read my post? 
> My spam filter caught the original spam, based on such things as sender
> address, character set used, adjacent crap characters in subject
> (!@#$%^&* etc.) and body, whether the subject is empty or lacks lower
> case characters (all caps subjects are seldom legit mail), certain
> words in the body and more. None of these are enough to trigger the
> filter on their own--that would create far too many false positives. 
> However, when a follow-up to a previously caught spam is detected
> (using the references/in-reply-to header) it is instantly filed as spam.
> When the OP reposted the spam he did so with a "legal" subject line,
> announcing a (to me) understandable charset, a non-depreciated sender
> address and without the references/in-reply-to header that would link it
> to the previous spam so I could instantly blackhole it.
> Please explain to me, in the light of this information, how I can
> improve my spam-detection routines so that I would be able to catch the
> original post of this tread. I am genuinely interested to find out how
> you think that is possible.
> Stig
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