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Re: [±¤°í] CD¹øÈ£ºÎ2002 Àü±¹ÆÇ ¾È³»

On Sat, 2 Feb 2002,  Bruce Burhans wrote:

> broken down in November  2001, and I just ordered a Gateway  the nest
> day for MS Word. I do a lot of writing and couldn't even spare the time

Why not get OpenOffice or StarOffice instead?  It can open, edit and
save to MS formats without having to dick around with Windows (unless
you run Windows, in which there's versions for that, too).  Plus, if
someone had more time than I do right now to package stuff, they could
go in main and non-free, respectively.

> There's someone that
> will babysit over the phone while I run through LILO config, cfdsk, and
> dbootstrap and dselect/dpkg, but I have to feel comfortable with the
> process first, in my mind.

If you don't mind calling Beaverton, Oregon, sure (area code 503, but
still well inside the 503/971 overlap).

>     I have become dependent on e-mail for business, and the Install must
> work the first time/day.

If you have straightforward hardware, this shouldn't be a problem.  If
it's absolutely mission critical, I'd start on an extra machine first so
you can get everything settled before diving full on.


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