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Re: The New World Order is Here !

On Sat, Feb 02, 2002 at 11:30:05PM -0800,  Bruce Burhans wrote:
> > > > [1] -- Nothing personal; this is an issue that have irritated me a
> > > >        long time, unfortunately for you I am fed up now and need to
> > > >        vent my frustration.
> > >
> > > wouldn't that be more an issue of the inefficacy of your filters?
> >
> > You're right. An ak-47 would filter out those replying to spam really
> > well.
>     It goes without saying that people who think violence solves
> anything aren't very bright.

Violence -does- solve things. Just not in the best possible manner.

Now, do I really want to put an ak-47 to someone's head? No. That's just
an expression of the frustration I'm feeling due to the 2400 messages
in my spamfilter mailbox that I've managed to filter over the past 2
months that I was forced to download. And I -know- there's more in my
main mailbox as I keep having to refine my recepies to catch them.

Do I -really- need to make them even more complicated to catch the
fuckheads that reply to spam?


They simply need to realise that yes, it is spam and no, it's not
welcome and yes, we all wish it would stop.

Now, there's an element of hypocrocy here in my continuing this thread
so I'm going to stop. If you -do- wish to reply and for me to take note
of said reply, feel free but do it offlist. Otherwise I'll just ignore
it for the additional spam that it is.

Oh. And if you plan on replying with more silly generalisations, please
don't bother either. Why? Because they're laughable.

Now, my apologies to one and all. Last word and all. ;)

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