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Re: Latex & letter's headers...

"Jeremy T. Bouse" <Jeremy.Bouse@undergrid.net> wrote:

> Tried your example [of a personal LaTeX Class to produce letters]
> here but kept running into problems trying
> to find the hitpos.sty file... 

> 	Jeremy

Thank you for trying. And sorry that it didn't work out. I was toot quick
and sent an unfinished example. The following example has actually been tried and

Paul Huygen.

The class:
% myletter.cls
\ProvidesClass{hitlnl}[1999/10/31 Fist, beta, version]
    \parbox{60mm}{ %\mbox{\includegraphics{mylogo.eps}}
                     {\Large The Logo}
                 \\  mycompanynaam 
                 \\  myaddress
\newcommand{\vg}{Met vriendelijke groet,}
Here the letter

\begin{brief}{  Jeremy T. Bouse
             \\ Streetname 123
             \\ City
             \\ Italy

\opening{Dear Jeremy,}

this is a small, but complete, letter.


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