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Re: Woody kernel rebuild screws the pooch.

> >>"Phillip" == Phillip Remaker <remaker@suespammers.org> writes:
>  Phillip> Worse, I can't get make-kpkg modules_install to work.  I'm
>  Phillip> not sure exactly which source I need in /usr/src/modules,
>  Phillip> and the make process seems to error out every time.
> You do not need modules_install. That is only for stand alon
>  modules; and if your usr/src/modules is empty, you have one.  The
>  modules in the kernel are handled automatically.

The RTL8139 is implemented as a loadable module in woody.

But the loadable module from the kernel that came with woody won't work with
the one I compiled from kernel-source-2.2.20.

I'd implement it natively in the kernel, but I can't find rtl8139 as an
option in "make menuconfig" even though there is an rtl8139.c source file.


So I'm TRYING to use the loadable module from the previous kernel, but get
wads of unresolved symbols when I run insmod.

So then I guess I have 4 options:

- Restore the vanilla woody kernel (how) and use the loadable module.

- Find out how to compile kernel-source-2.2.20 to work with the stock
rtl8139 KLM in woody

- Find out how to put the source in /usr/src/modules and comile it after the
kernel to ensure compatability (where do I get that source?  Can I use the
rtl8139.c in the kernel drivers directory?

- Find out how to build a kernel with native rtl8139 support.

Any of those should save me from my dilemma.....

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