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Re: Segfaults in seemingly unrelated programs

On Sat, 2 Feb 2002 jim@leary.csoft.net wrote:

> Due to a faulty fan, one CPU overheated and brought the system down. On
> restart, fsck indicated that some filesystem corruption occured.
> On startup, gdm would not start. After entering my username in the
> console, the login prompt came back without giving me the opportunity to
> enter my password. The logical next step, booting in single user mode.
> In single user mode, it quickly appeared that a few programs segfault.

I had similar symptoms once. Segfaults and apparently corrupted disk
files. It turned out to be a bad memory SIMM. Try running memtest86 for
awhile (10 minutes to an hour or more; depends on how much memory you have
and how fast the cpu is).

After I replaced the memory, I reinstalled all packages "in-place"
(declining any config files) to refresh any files that may have been bad.
Made me feel better, at least.


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