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Re: ssh2 / X problems

On Sat, 2 Feb 2002, shock wrote:

>I have two servers, and both have exactly the same configuration files.
>I can ssh2 to one and fire up X applications.  However, the other
>results in the following.  (Both servers have X forwarding enabled in
>the ssh2_config file.)

[snip debugging output]

Let's see, what are the symptoms?

The client is definately asking for X11-forwarding, but is not getting set
up. You don't appear to using OpenSSH at all, rather SSH2

The DISPLAY environment variable doesn't seem to be getting set to
anything at all.

You're using password authentication, as shown by the fact that you are
prompted for a password, which means its not using any limits placed on
your public key in its .ssh2/authorized_files.

This leaves a few things we have left to try out (I've just finished
reading SSH: The Definitive Guide, lets see what I can remember)

- The Compile Time compilation options
- The sshd2.config (name?)

Does it happen with any other user account?
Try running the server in debug mode. This will likely tell you whats

Cameron Kerr

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