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xfree, voodoo's...a bit OT

hello all

i'm trying to compile a list of all the nifty goodies i 
would need to make silly stuff like gl screensavers and 
games ala quake work for my pentium 3/voodoo 3/3k

i have DRI compiled into my kernel so that's not the 

does anyone know or have experience with, setting up 
(video) multimedia, voodoo style, with great success and 
would you please list the essential libraries needed to do 

for instance, i would like to be able to run some of the GL 
screensavers without getting the 'GLX' extension not found 
on display '0:0' type of stuff...

what would cause an error like this? what am i missing? i 
know that i have the 'glx' module loaded in XF86Config...

bit of a task i know...but i'd like to get it down 
solid...to get a better understanding of what it is i 
should be paying attention too...

having horrible ADD helps in some ways...creative, 
yes...logical? no  :)



p.s. sorry for blah blahing my face off...

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