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Re: Samba clarification

On Friday 01 February 2002 01:46 pm, Craig Dickson wrote:
> begin  Curtis Vaughan  quotation:
> > This brings up another question, and I don't mean to start a debate
> > but.... What do most prefer; lprng, cups, etc.? What are the benifits of
> > one over the other?
> > I used LPRng because it was already installed on my workstation.
> I like CUPS because of the easy web-based configuration.
> Craig

i know that you meant to say browser-accessible, rather than 
web-based--right? i actually configured it pretty much on the fly while 
printing from kde's kmail. i had forgotten all about setting up the printer 
after a whole new reinstallation, went to print and cups was there on the 
list of optional print systems. maybe four mouse clicks later, i was hearing 
the wheeze and clunk of a print job underway. that discovery means that i now 
know of three painless means of getting a printer online using cups.

the fact that the makers of cups have taken the time to provide  some 900 
plus drivers, including those  for some printers where, as in my case, the 
manufacturer still acts like linux doesn't exist, is pretty damn impressive. 
it's definitely worth the time it takes to check it out.


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