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Re: Freeware Email Scanner..

"Petre Daniel" <dani@cyber.ro> writes:
> i have looked in the list archives but couldn't find an adecvate virus
> scanner  for me.
> i need a virus scanner for my main mail server.that is a scanner for
> windows viruses...
> if anyone knows any free software powerful enough to detect and block
> most common viruses and trojans please let me know..
> thank you

There have been several large threads on this topic within the last
few months. Search the mailing list archives more thoroughly
(http://lists.debian.org) for "virus scanner". Be sure and select the
last three or more date periods, e.g., Jan to Mar 2002, Oct to Dec
2001, Jul to Sep 2001.

Based on those thread, my choice was a procmail-based scanner because
it's free and I'm already familiar with procmail. The URL for that one



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