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Re: Weird CDRW issue?

On Thu, 31 Jan 2002 22:04:38 -0800 ben <benfoley@rcn.com> wrote:
> On Thursday 31 January 2002 09:53 pm, Jeff wrote:
> > Running Debian Sid.
> >
> > When I recompiled to 2.4.16, I put SCSI CDROM emulation in the kernel and
> > took out IDE CDROM support.. I can mount my drives as /dev/scd0 and scd1..
> > However, when trying to use any cd writing programs (the burner is scd0),
> > they say they cant scan the SCSI bus?  No permission or SCSI emulation not
> > enabled for IDE drives..
> >
> > Thoughts?
> yeah. here's one. what are you talking about? scsi and ide are not 
> interchangable. they are different technologies. scsi emulation lets you 
> refer to something as if it were, but it's not. how are you going to emulate 
> scsi on an ide device that doesn't exist, as far as the kernel is concerned, 
> without support? what does your /etc/fstab look like? start hoping you 
> haven't fried a drive already.


Open Mouth, Insert Foot.  Go To Jail, Do Not Collect 200USD.

The original  CD-R & CD-RW drives were SCSI.  So, the drivers were
SCSI-oriented.  When IDE CD-R|RW drives cam out, an IDE-SCSI inter-
face layer was written.

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