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Re: Weird CDRW issue?

On Thursday 31 January 2002 09:53 pm, Jeff wrote:
> Running Debian Sid.
> When I recompiled to 2.4.16, I put SCSI CDROM emulation in the kernel and
> took out IDE CDROM support.. I can mount my drives as /dev/scd0 and scd1..
> However, when trying to use any cd writing programs (the burner is scd0),
> they say they cant scan the SCSI bus?  No permission or SCSI emulation not
> enabled for IDE drives..
> Thoughts?

yeah. here's one. what are you talking about? scsi and ide are not 
interchangable. they are different technologies. scsi emulation lets you 
refer to something as if it were, but it's not. how are you going to emulate 
scsi on an ide device that doesn't exist, as far as the kernel is concerned, 
without support? what does your /etc/fstab look like? start hoping you 
haven't fried a drive already.

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