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Re: gnome, mozilla question (potato)

On Fri, 2002-02-01 at 06:13, Paul E Condon wrote: 

> Some answers and a specific request:
> My mozilla is version M18-3 debian package. I downloaded it from 
> ftp.us.debian.org early this week. It is in the stable branch.
Old old old. I think on potato you would be far better off to use Ximian
Gnome (http://www.ximian.com). Or at least use their mozilla. Mozilla
has come a loooooooong way since M18. Or dist-upgrade to testing 

> I had looked at gnome-control-center earlier. I found the information that
> needed changing under the URL heading, but I could not change it there. 
> It appeared that there was no edit button for that heading. Maybe in the next
> version of control-center.
I think it's just the UI misleading. On top of the capplet window simply
overwrite what's there (probably "default" and "gnome-moz- ....") with
http and mozilla "%s". Then push set. It won't overwrite what's already
there but add the new protocol type. Proceed to do the same for https 

> I started to trace the flow of control within gnome, but I've become confused.
> There are several scripts that preprocess before the call to the mozilla binary.
> Perhaps someone who has this feature in mozilla running would be willing to
> email working versions of the scripts to me. Please.

Mine is attached. Goes to $HOME/.gnome


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