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Re: kernel upgrade; modules not loading

--begin quoted message from Jeff, 
> James Lindenschmidt, 2002-Jan-26 20:02 -0500:
> > Did I miss something? Is there an equivalent to make 
> > modules and make modules_install that I'm missing? I 
> > expected the make-kpkg to automate the modules.
> If you have modules in /usr/src/modules that you need to compile
> with the kernel, run 'make-kpkg modules_image' which will compile
> the modules into a .deb file just like the kernel.  Do a 'dpkg
> -i' on it after installing the kernel and the modules will be
> installed.

but that is only for external kernel modules.
One of the things that bit me the first time I compiled a debian kernel
is that the config file I found in arch/<arch>/defconfig has most of the
modules turned off by default, as opposed to the kernel packages which
have a whole lot of modules.

so if the problem is that 'find /lib/modules/<version> -name \*.o' is
only coming up with a few modules, you might want to check the config.

Just throwing this out there.

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