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Re: Majordomo, exim, web?

On Wed, 23 Jan 2002, Alvin Oga wrote:

> my crack at moving stuff off of yahoo...
> 	- i assum those "readers that posts thru web interface"
> 	are those using yahoo mail or hotmail etc..etc..

Nope.  Yahoo! Groups has a webboard interface.  I suggested hotmail and
yahoo mail, but was fairly unanimously shouted down.

> to get rid of other peoples propaganda on your mailing lists
> - host your mailing list on your own servers ??? ( lists.dyndns.org ?? )

Actually, I have ursine.dyndns.org, dyndns.org just provides dns
services for me.  I plan on hosting this myself.

> sendmail or exim... ( pick your mta )
> mailman or majordomo ... ( pick your poison )

exim/mailman it is (I can't stand sendmail between it's almost-IIS-like
insecurity and the pain in the ass it is to configure).

Now I need a webboard to mirror it.


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