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Re: Xf86 configuration problem

On Tue, Jan 22, 2002 at 11:43:48PM -0500, Conor McCutcheon wrote:
> I still am having some inexplicable difficulties though.  I have a very
> poor monitor, only capable of 640x480 at 8bpp (better than a herc mono
> though), and I cannot compel X to use that and only that resolution
> without it doing something shitty to my screen.  I have in my "Screen"
> section of the configuration:
> SubSection "Display"
> 	Modes "640x480"
> 	Depth  8
> EndSubSection
> I would think that this is exactly what I would want, but the X server
> reports that it finds no display for depth/fbbpp 4/4.  When I set the
> depth to 4, it works, but I do not understand why it insists on having
> 4bpp.  I can force it to go to 8 by using the DefaultDepth option, but
> then it sets the resolution to 320x200, and uses half of my screen
> instead of the full thing.  I am stuck...

Look in /var/log/XFree.0.log to see what is reported when X starts. It
should tell you what modes X says works with your hardware and other

Also, if your hardware is too old, it may not be fully supported in
XFree86 4.1. Check XFree86 documentation to see if your card or chip set
is supported. If it isn't, check documentation for 3.3.6; some
hardware supported in 3.3.6 is not supported in 4.1.

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