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X windows Problem

How can I get x windows to run under any user other
than root or su? When I logon as a normal user and try
to run my x windows (using startx) the xserver starts
and then it exits because ?No valid modes found?. 
When I try to run xdm, it says, ?only root wants to
run xdm?; but when I su from this same account
everything seems to run fine. Someone suggested
modifying the ?xwrappers.config? file, but I
discovered I don?t have one. Does anyone know how to
fix my problem?

Also I?m having trouble understanding the user/group
system under Linux. I don?t know how to add users to
groups and how to modify groups? and users? access
privileges for certain application (like x windows). I
cant find any useful information in the HOWTO?s. Can
anyone tell me where to look (or just explain it to
me) ? 

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