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Re: make-kpkg modules_image question

On Sat, Jan 19, 2002 at 10:00:31PM -0800, Kurt Lieber wrote:
> I just compiled a new kernel and realized that I forgot to include ppp 
> support in the kernel.
> Rather than recompiling a new custom kernel, can I just make-kpkg clean, make 
> menuconfig and make-kpkg modules_image to compile ppp kernel support as a 
> module?
> Assuming so, what do I then need to do to make the module loadable into my 
> existing kernel?

I never ever used make-kpkg as making the kernel and installing it I found
quite easy [following instructions and stuff] -- it's not specific to Debian.
But a few times I wanted to just add packages so all I did was

cd [current linux kernel dicrecory - usually /usr/src/linux]
make menuconfig
make dep
make modules
make install_modules

then it worked. Heck, that's the way NVidia adds stuff to kernel :)

- Adam

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