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Re: Upgrading Kernel the Debian way?

also sprach ben <benfoley@rcn.com> [2002.01.19.0147 +0100]:
> > Yeah, okay, I was harsh. For that I'm sorry. But on the plus side, it
> > did have the intended effect of stopping a thread in its tracks, and
> > probably gave some people the idea that, just because they don't use
> > something doesn't mean they're allowed to bitch about its mere
> > existence. :)
> why shouldn't people (all of us on the list) be allowed to bitch about
> something if they don't use it. that's quite a heavy load of
> censorship that you seem to think is a good thing. i and you and dman
> and everybody else shouldn't be restricted on commenting on something
> just because it's somebody else's pet project. you personalized the
> deal way too much.

in essence, agreed. you are free to do whatever you want. however, a
list like this is very different from standard interaction

 - a lot of people read it. "bitching" might frequently include words
   that some could consider offensive. your own freedom ends where the
   freedom of your peers begins.
 - face it, we're computer geeks. we like to have strong opinions, and
   we are quick to make up opinions - possibly too quick. post any
   controversial topic (like "bitching" for instance), and *everyone*
   has something to say.
 - how can you "bitch" about something if you don't use it? if you don't
   use it, you don't know it, so your bitching might just be wrong. i
   used to "bitch" at exim until dman's influence made me have a closer
   look, and i it's more and more drawing my attention.
 - this is debian-user. it's not debian-bitch. it's about getting help
   and helping, not about releasing your frustrations. open the window
   and scream for that, or take a long walk.

> i'm sure dman appreciates the apology, as do those of us who were
> following the thread, but don't water it down with an erroneous claim
> that the thread needed to be stopped in that fashion. someone else
> mentioned that you might need to chill a bit, and maybe they've got a
> point. 

go onto IRC and open a private forum, and "bitch" all you want, offend
all those who choose to be there. but i agree, close this thread now as
it's just not appropriate to this list.

sorry for playing cyberspace police. debian is far from being as good as
it could, and instead of improving that in an effort to remain the #1
distro, we waste time on trivial stuff like this. dammit! stop
"bitching" in public, *do* something about it.

and if you want to "bitch" at me for having posted this, do it
privately. or just pipe to /dev/null.

martin;              (greetings from the heart of the sun.)
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