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Re: eth0

also sprach Joe Wise <jwise@newroads.org> [2002.01.16.1148 +0100]:
> When I installed Debian, my 3comm ethernet card did not get detected.
> How do I go about getting the driver installed?

joe, you are not getting my emails, something's wrong. i am checking my
logs now (with this message) to make sure it isn't my side, but i doubt
it. i've been sending you messages all evening long ;( (well, almost...)

this is the only important one, the others were checking whether you
heard me...

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Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 22:51:42 +0100
From: 'martin f krafft' <madduck@madduck.net>
To: Joe Wise <jwise@newroads.org>

also sprach Joe Wise <jwise@newroads.org> [2002.01.16.1426 +0100]:
> I got a message:  Device or Resource busy
> It said that it could be a bad IO or IRQ
> failed

okay, what's the output of running 'lspci' as root?
is it a pci card? or ISA?

the reason why i told you to use 3c59x is because it covers about 70-80%
of today's commonly used 3com cards.

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post the output to the list, we'll go from there...

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