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Re: Large file sizes (2+Gb)

> > I cannot split the video data into multiple files - this is not text it is
> > compressed DVI data.  If you do not know the file format, do not suggest
> > options like this.
> Sure you can.  Once you've got the (DVI?) data into a large file, use a
> file splitter (dd would do it on Linux, not sure what your options are
> on Win32, but maybe you could try the Cygnus port of the GNU toolset) to
> chunk them into 2GB pieces, copy the pieces to the Linux server, and
> then use cat or dd to put them back together.  The data is just bits...
> as long as you don't try to _use_ the 2GB pieces you'll be fine.

You _could_ use e.g. google to search for some file splitter running
under windows.  Actually you could also try this link:


but since you assume all men are evil/stupid you probably won't.

And, as many have told you ext2 is NOT your problem, if you upgraded
your system properly (specifically make sure your libc supports lfs).

Btw, Cygnus/CygWin make Windows really usefull :-)

Good luck,

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