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Creating a Debian mirror from 2.2r0 CDs

I am in the process of setting up a (private) Debian mirror
for my local mirror.  I was just going to rsync the whole tree,
and have already started, however, when a thought occured to me.

I have here four Debian 2.2r0 CDs.  I was thinking I could copy
the contents off the four CDs into my "debian/" tree and then
rsync from that to only update what has changed (I'll only be
mirroring stable/x86).  I am curious, though, on how many of the
packages have been updated since 2.2r0.  I am also unsure of the
"right way(tm)" to get the packages from the CD into the correct
directory structure on my file server.

Ideally, there'd be some (apt?) utilities to take the files from
the CDs and place them where they should go.  Then, I can continue
on with my rsync without having to download every package.

Any tips or pointers to documentation would be much appreciated.



Jeremy L. Gaddis     <jeremy@g0atpr0n.org> 

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