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Re: Setting up a home LAN

On Tue, Jan 15, 2002 at 04:57:12PM -0500, Stephen Gran wrote:

> Sorry, I should have been more clear - yes I mean IP forwarding.  It
> may do mail forwarding if any Win boxes end up on the LAN - be easier
> to set up one box than a bunch, and my ISP's mailservers have dropped
> a bunch of mails.  Mail forwarding is no problem, and IP forwarding
> really isn't either, although if you get a chance, I would appreciate
> a copy of your iptables script as a starting point.

Ours might not be what you need; but there's a whole raft of examples here:


As for the mail issue: for my own home LAN, I have my firewall redirect
inbound SMTP traffic to a mail server on a Linux box on the LAN.  That box
is configured to spool mail for any of the domains that I own, and also
houses POP and IMAP servers so any of my roommates can check mail from
any TCP/IP-enabled machine in the building provided that they have an
account on the server.  You can do something similar even if you don't
plan to point any MX records at your firewall by having a forwarding
order at your ISP which points at your firewall.

Sorry if the above makes little sense, I'm a little bit pressed for time,
ask for clarification as needed...


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