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Re: x install problems

Right now I'm using a tnt2 m64 (agp)..made by an outfit called pny tech. 
Seemed like it was a g-force clone type card ? What bothers me about this 
card is it does not say it'll work with anything other than a windows os 
(pick yer poison,it says it does 'em all).

Another one I used was a pci card,,a 3d labs unit..permedia 2. This one was 
working under mandrake at one time. Now I also have an ati rage 128 I can try 
as well (also an agp)..haven't done that yet as it's being used in a mandrake 
box..but as soon as my son ain't looking..lol. Seriously..I may that next and 
repost :-).

Thank you...


> what is you vid card?
> Subject: x install problems
> Hi folks,
> I enter this post as my last ditch effort to get debian (2. 2r4) going
> here. I
> m installing the binary cd's. All goes well up to the x install, whereby I
> get the message "transSocket unix connect  cannot connect ernno 111" This
> will repeat over and over till I finally tire and have to do a
> crtl-alt-del.
> Upon reboot x cannot be found (as it wasn't installed).
> I've tried with a number of diff video cards agp and pci,numerous settings
> in
> the bios. Searched in the documentation,and am really at a loss as to what
> to
> do now.
> I'm doing the advanced install,and am left with no dependancy problems from
> what I can see.
> Are there any suggestions as to how to handle this issue ? Thank you all
> very
> much for your time,and any starters that may help me overcome this.

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