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Re: KDE - lpr clash

On Wed, Jan 02, 2002 at 01:11:07AM +0000, Carlos Sousa wrote:
> On my system, KDE applications that use the "centralized KDE printing 
> facilities" cannot print. Printing from Konqueror, for instance, 
> generates an error saying "/usr/bin/lpr -P 'lp' '-#1' somefile failed ...".
> I've managed to track this down to my lpr command not accepting the 
> command-line option "-#", which specifies the number of copies to be 
> printed out. The man page mentions "Often a site will disable this 
> feature...", so I've spent the last 2 hours sweeping through the WHOLE 
> /etc directory and all lp* manpages trying to figure out how this option 
> may have been disabled on my system by some default Debian configuration.
> Without any success.
> Is the Debian lpr compiled without the "-#" option? Is there some 
> obscure lpr/lpd config file buried somewhere in my system specifying 
> this behaviour? Should I just give up and try something like CUPS or 
> LPRng instead?

Look in the lpr status log:  /var/spool/lpd/lp/status.lp
(I assume my printer is "lp", although I've never installed
a printer - you should substitute your printer name for lp).

For the record, my lpr accepts both -# and -K options (they
are synonyms).

My guess is you need to configure printing in Konquerer,
or tie your printer to a /dev entry somehow.  (On my machine,
where I have never made any attempts to get printing working,
I get entries like this in my status.lp after calling the
lpr command above)

    cannot open '/dev/lp1' - 'No such file or directory', ...

Good luck.

(I looked up your other questions, but can't help you there,
I don't know anything about midi or colour printing.)

Welcome to the GNU age!   http://www.gnu.org

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