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Re: 2 network cards; one not recognized

On Wednesday 02 January 2002 13:23, Pauwel Demeyer wrote:
> hi,
> I'm going from a Mandrake 8.1 system to debian.  I've had there (some
> weeks ago, not working anymore) internet sharing enabled.  When
> switching, I also want it to be correct again.  The problem is My debian
> does not recognize the second card (which is going to be the link to the
> local network (eth1) ).  When rebooting to mandrake, both are
> recognized.  They are of the same type, use both the same drivers
> NE-2k-PCI.  what is going wrong?
> If it is working, do I only have to run those commands listed in the
> packet filtering and NAT HOWTO's?
> Well, I ask, because I've tried to download a new kernel, but got stuck
> when my comp said to add something in lilo.conf, becaus I start my
> computer from floppy, due to having not only Mandrake, but also Windoze
> XP :) so I don't want to loose them..
> tnx in advance
> Kurdt

make sure the proper module is listed twice in /etc/modules  This may not be 
the "correct" way but works for me.


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