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2 network cards; one not recognized


I'm going from a Mandrake 8.1 system to debian. I've had there (some weeks ago, not working anymore) internet sharing enabled. When switching, I also want it to be correct again. The problem is My debian does not recognize the second card (which is going to be the link to the local network (eth1) ). When rebooting to mandrake, both are recognized. They are of the same type, use both the same drivers NE-2k-PCI. what is going wrong? If it is working, do I only have to run those commands listed in the packet filtering and NAT HOWTO's? Well, I ask, because I've tried to download a new kernel, but got stuck when my comp said to add something in lilo.conf, becaus I start my computer from floppy, due to having not only Mandrake, but also Windoze XP :) so I don't want to loose them..

tnx in advance

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