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Re: emergency shutdown?

On Wednesday 02 January 2002 2:28 pm, Simon R Tod wrote:
> Yeah, I realise that I'll need to think about the power management
> issue. But, back to the more immediate problem. No, I don't have a
> rescue disk (for either Windows or Linux, something else I'll need to
> sort out...) so what do you mean by 'Your Debian installation medium
> will function as one'? I don't have the CD's the thing was installed
> from intially - it was bought mail order with everything pre-installed.

You can download a linux rescue disk from debian. 

Take a look in here :


Download rescue.bin and then, if your on windows, use rawrite2 to put it onto 
a floppy. DON'T just copy the file onto the disk or it won't work.

You can download rawrite2 if you look in :


Once you have made your rescue disk, simply pop it into your laptop and 

This disk is also what you would use to start installing Debian from scratch 
(hence "Your Debian installation medium). To use it to boot your current 
installation, press F3 and check out what it says.

Have fun...

Jason Wood

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