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Re: emergency shutdown?


On Wed, 2 Jan 2002, Simon R Tod wrote:

> My laptop's been left on for the past 48 hours. When I came back to it
> this morning it was very hot, the fan was kicking in evert minute or two

This is a bad sign on its own.  Were the fans blocked?  Do you have power
management setup properly?

> and everything was working really slowly.... It's now just ceased up
> completely. The text has disappeared off my xterm and I can't get any
> movement out of the mouse. I don't see how I can do anything but just
> turn the power off, leave it for a few hours to cool down then reboot.

Hey, it happens.  Often.  The results are no worse than a Windows hard-reboot,
and luckily our 'scandisk' (fsck) is much more robust.

> Ouch I don't like that idea. The problem is, I was in the process of
> upgrading my kernel - all I've got left to do is alter my /etc/lilo.conf
> file, run lilo, and shutdown. Because I hadn't altered the config file
> will it just reboot anyway, using the old kernel? What worries me is

Sure it will.  If not, use your rescue disk.  You do have a rescue disk, right?
No?  Your Debian installation medium will function as one.

/sbin/lilo copies the kernel to the MBR (or other boot sector), and if you
don't run it after upgrading a kernel, your changes don't take effect.

> that in the process of installing the kernel, apt-get set up / applied
> (whatever the right terminology is!) a boot block. Is this going to

I am not familiar with this.

> prevent the thing from rebooting? And if so, so I don't reach the boot
> message that allows me to pick the Debian or Windows OS', is there
> anything I can do?

You can always use your rescue disk - either Linux or Windows.

> TIA,
> Simon.


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