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Re: how experimental is 1394 these days?

I'm using it for DV capture and also a 1394 hard drive.  Both work fine for
me.  Once I even accidently disconnected my hard drive while reading data
from it...I plugged it back in and it just kept going from where it left

Caleb Shay

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Subject: Re: how experimental is 1394 these days?

> On Sat, 29 Dec 2001, Kurt Lieber wrote:
> > Santa brought us a MiniDV camcorder for Christmas, and I'm interested in
> > using linux to do some basic digital video editing (home videos, soccer
> > games, stupid stuff like that)
> >
> > I know IEEE 1394 support is still experimental, but my question is, how
> > experimental?  Is anyone using it (especially for digital video
> > capture/transfer) and, if so, how successful have you been?  I don't
mind a
> > few application crashes, and even the occasional system crash but I'd
like to
> > avoid things along the lines of file corruption, kernel corruptions,
> I was able to use 1394 sbp drivers to transfer all of the data from my
> iPod to my hard drive, on Linux 2.4.17/powerpc.  That was a pleasant
> surprise.  I haven't tried DV.
> -jwb
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