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Re: Threading Mail

On Fri, Dec 28, 2001 at 08:58:54PM +0100, martin f krafft decreed:
> also sprach csj <csj@mindgate.net> [2001.12.28.0807 +0100]:
> > From the powershell package description: "PowerShell is a GNOME/Gtk+ 
> > based terminal emulator which supports many terminals in a  single 
> > window (limited only by available RAM). Each terminal is given a 
> > "notebook" tab which makes switching between terminals easy."
> if powershell or KDE could (maybe now they can, not last time i
> checked) be spawned such that you'd have, say, four tabs with four
> command lines executed therein, it would be worth the consideration...
> i find the tabs rather confusing. but then again, my desktop is simply
> four xterms (10 desktops thereof), and i usually don't need more...
---end quoted text---

Also consider multi-gnome-terminal.  It's a Debian Unstable package
that's _much_ lighter weight than konsole and cleaner (IMO) than
powershell.  It also has the excellent feature of allowing you to invoke
URLs without using a helper program like urlview.  Anything that smells
like a URL gets underlined, and ctrl-clicking invokes the configured
Gnome url handler.



                  \_O<  \_O<  \_O<
 Steve Cooper          Redmond, WA

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