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Re: Debian Potato 2.2r4 questions

Thus spake Penguin:
> I see in the lists of distributors of Debian CD sets that most are CD-R 
> copies, but I'm looking for a boxed set with printed manual. Does such a 
> distribution exist that I can buy in Australia? Or do I need to buy a book 
> and a CD-R set to get that kind of kit. What is the best Debian book that 
> starts from the beginning with an overview of everything, like the old huge 
> Dr Linux book (all LDP docs printed), and what is the best book for Debian 
> GNU/Linux networking and security?
> Also, with Debian Potato 2.2r4, will this support my Nvidia GeForce II MX400 
> 64MB video card? It's a USB card. I need XFree86 4.0.1 or better for the 
> Nvidia drivers on their website. What else do I need apart from this, and do 
> I need to do anything special to get X running?
A USB video card?  Do you mean AGP?  There are backported X 4.x
packages by Adrian Bunk - these should work.
> I also have a NetComm Roadster II 56K external Parallel/Serial modem, and a 
> Sony CD-RW. Will these work at all? How do I manually configure a modem 
> dialup interface, and how do I bring it up and down with just a shell, ie not 
> with the icons on the Gnome desktop.
External modems are usually just fine - I don't use a dialup, but I
hear that pppconfig, wvdial, and pon/poff are what you're looking for.
As for the CD-RW, there is a supported hardware list, but the chances
are, if it worked under Redhat, it will work under Debian.  The kernel
manages the actual hardware interface, AFAIK, and a linux kernel is a
linux kernel, across distributions.
> Also, is there a list of digital cameras that can be used with Debian?
Again, the Hardware HOWTO.
> I'm tired of RedHat and its buggy software. If my Konqueror isn't crashing, 
> my GCC 2.96 is unsupported, etc etc. One thing after another.
Upstream problems aren't necessarily fixed by distribution, but I
haven't noticed the sort of problems you describe.
> Also, can Debian be 'secure out the box?' What is Progeny? Is it after Woody 
> or before Potato? Is Woody ready for general use? I mean, is it so unstable 
> that I couldn't profit from using it, even if it has some imperfections? It 
> is surely better than RedHat.
Progeny is a 'Debian-like' distro - from what I hear, it's best to
avoid mixing packages.  Woody is in freeze right now, which means it's
about ready to be the new stable.  I've been running it for about 8
months now, and while I have my share of problems, it's never anything
serious, and (as always) usually of the EBCAK variety.
> Thanks heaps. I know there are a lot of questions here.
Wheew.  Welcome aboard, and have fun!
"We learn from history that we learn nothing from history."
-- George Bernard Shaw

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