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Re: Email client programs

David Z Maze wrote:
> Erik Steffl <steffl@bigfoot.com> writes:
> ES> what's this netscpae 4.x bashing I see repeatedly? IMO it's a fairly
> ES> good email client, stable (well, as stable as browser and it's really
> ES> only stable when you disable java), has the main MUA features...
> Issues with netscape mail at MIT:
> -- It has that (in)famous Netscape stability, particularly if you have
>    Java(script) enabled.

  yes, compared to other gui MUAs it's pretty stable though.

> -- Hard to migrate to other mail formats[1].

  yes (to [1]), it's mbox, but directories are handled in special way
(in netscape it appears you can put both mails and subfolders in folder
but in reality the mails are in file myfolder and subfolders are in
directory myfolder.sbd) - still works when using MUA that supports mbox
format just the illusion of folder having emails and subfolders goes

  IMO the MUA should not handle storage of email, so this is a non an
issue:-) [the real causality goes in the other way]

> -- Bad, bad issues (e.g. eats your mailbox in an unrecoverable way) if
>    you try to incorporate mail and you run over your account quota.
>    (Less of an issue if you use IMAP, though.)

  never seen this but don't have quotas either. ran out of space few
times and nothing terrible happened (that was before I started to use
IMAP). do other programs handle this situation better? I imagine that
when program is writing a file and suddenly cannot write anymore it can
leave the file in funny state...

> -- Likes to send HTML mail.

  can be set up, as a default and for each recipient (in address book)
separately. you're right that the default should be plain text (IIRC
it's html).

> The student group I was part of that did unofficial support generally
> felt pity for people trying to use Netscape mail, especially when it
> hurt them.  The best combination between "blessed" and "pretty" seems
> to be exmh; pine's IMAP support seems to be very good, though, and
> recent versions of it seem to have some of the features (e.g. mail
> filtering) that other reputable MUAs have.  However, pine isn't
> included in Debian for licensing reasons (you can't redistribute
> binaries built from modified source).

  the problem with text based MUAs is that you cannot see
folders/index/message at the same time... (AFAIK, haven't found it in
mutt or pine)


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