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Re: Threading Mail

also sprach Brian Nelson <nelson@bignachos.com> [2001.12.26.2221 +0100]:
> Not true!  I switched from mutt to gnus.  It's IMAP support was too
> weak for me,

yes, IMAP is not a strength. but then again, an IMAP client isn't
really a MUA on the same scale of interpretation that mutt without
IMAP is one...

> and I didn't like the single window nature of it (you can't compose
> a message and read other mail at the same time).

but you can happily spawn two hundred separate instances and point
them wherever you like... it works just fine i find, it's lightweight,
and it's fast...

then again, i've never used anything else...

> Mutt's ok.  It does the important things right, but otherwise is
> rather mediocre.

it's a MUA that already features a POP3 client and some IMAP. that's
overkill. when you see a MUA as a mailer that doesn't simply
communicate with the real backend through IMAP, then it's the best
thing out there... IMHO.

let's not start a flame war ;)

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yesterday it worked.
today it is not working.
windoze is like that.

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