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Re: Debian Standard Time ?

On Sun, Dec 23, 2001 at 02:24:04PM +0530, shyamk@eth.net wrote:
| How do you change system date for debian .
| Debian shows me 7:06 PM , when it actually
| is 2:25 PM . I think they start off from GMT ,
| but , why this absurdity ? 
| Win98 shows it right (well at least he is more
| bothered with what the BIOS says).
| Could someone please help me set the Local time 
| right on Debian ?

Linux allows the hardware (aka BIOS) clock to be in either local time
or UTC (formerly called GMT).  Windows can only deal with the hardware
clock as local time (makes my laptop look funny since I want it in
UTC).  If windows shows the time correctly, then you have it in local
time.  Make sure that you have told linux that the clock is in local
time, and what your timezone is.  Some of the relevant files/programs are :




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