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Re: Where to slice a 2 gig drive ?

On Sat, 22 Dec 2001 17:54:50 -0500
lee <lnx@alltel.net> wrote:

> Karsten & Frank...
> Thank you both very much for your time. 2 gig is on the small side as far as 
> drive sizes go these days..but as this box goes..it's whole mission in life 
> will be to serve as a proxy..which I've been SO unsuccesful at so far..lol. 
> Squid btw  :-). If there are any others (proxies) that are of mention I'd 
> really love to hear about them (a linux ver. of analog x perhaps).
If you want to speed up your browsing, there is "pdnsd', a caching  DNS proxy
server. Unlike BIND it saves ram cache to a file. But you can use it with BIND--
a nice combo.

When you need to re-size your partitions, use 'parted', it works quite well.

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