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stable gcc for sid

Hi All,

Im keen on getting a stable version of a c++ compiler for sid. the
version I have says that it is a debian prerelease version and tends to
show internal error when compiling an application.

I've tried getting gcc from testing but that too seems to be a
pre-release and the one froms stable seems to want to remove a buch of
stuff I think I would like to keep.

I also have gcc-3.0 installed - would simply removing this bring gcc
back to a stable state ?

I upgrade quite regularly - once every few days.

Any thoughts / ideas. All Welcome.


Shri Shrikumar
I.T. Consultant

U R Byte Solutions
23 McDonald Road
Edinburgh EH7 4LX
United Kingdom

Tel: (0131) 558 9990
Email: shri@urbyte.com
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