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Re: nfs root mount problem


 Try some readymade kernels form www.ltsp.org.
 I had more or less the similar problem with custom kernels.
 ltsp kernels worked fine.

On Fri, Dec 21, 2001 at 12:14:06AM +0000, J.A.Serralheiro wrote:
> Hi again. My other problem is building a diskless system. I followed all
> the instructions in the diskless how to, and the etherboot help, but it
> seems I cant overcome this detail. My network card is an isa wd 8013. I
> compiled the module in the kernel. The diskless computer does the download
> of the kernel image, uncompresses it, but fails to mount a root fs on nfs.
> Error are like:
> IP-Config: no devices available.
> Failed to mount root on nfs, giving up.
> I typed the ones I can remeber best, and they are not a perfect match.
> of course, as usual, any help is welcome.
> regards
> J.A.Serralheiro
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