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Re: What's a debian kid look like?

White male, 43, wife, daughter, Berkeley, by-his-bootstraps SQA 
for 10-years, seeking refuge & promise of a more interesting career 
in the ICS masters program at Mills College, progressive politics, 
Christian pacifist (Quaker). Enjoy listening to KPFA, going to hear folk
music at Freight & Salvage in Berkeley, and playing chess (www.pogo.com

I'd love to find a local Linux group and meet people in person. Tried 
BAD once, very nice people, but by the end of the night I felt like the 
only person in the crowd who hadn't ever written a device driver. I'll
try again sometime when they meet in the north bay, would also like to 
hear about other local groups. 

On the "Why RedHat?" topic, here's a true story: A friend is a freelance 
database developer. He bought a new multimedia PC. Couldn't get 
peripherals to work w/Debian (I gave him a Potato CD), spent $90 on 
SuSE, installed, is totally delighted. 

Personally, I've tried RedHat, Slackware, and Debian, had some exposure
to SuSE. RedHat and SuSE are very big and feature rich. If they work
great on your system, you're delighted, but they can be hard to
customize. If they don't work, good luck. I abandoned RedHat after my
7.0 system was hacked by script kiddie. I really like Slackware, I still
use their emergency boot floppy in preference to others, but only Debian
has this user group.

Paul Mackinney       |   Who profited from Sept 11?
paul@mackinney.net   |   http://www.copvcia.com/

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