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Re: Top and PS stoped working

Le 2001.12.19 16:31, Matthew Kopishke a écrit :
> A few weeks ago top and ps stoped working on one of our servers.  We get
> the
> following errors when we try to run them:
> Jekyll:/mount_points/md0/home/kopishke# top
> top: error in loading shared libraries: top: undefined symbol:
> kb_main_free
> Jekyll:/mount_points/md0/home/kopishke# ps
> /lib/security/.config/bin/psr: error in loading shared libraries:
> /lib/security/.config/bin/psr: undefined symbol: kb_main_total
> I'm not sure what kb_main is, I greped through the kernel source (2.2.19)
> and didn't find anything.
> Any ideas?

kb_main_free is a function defined in /lib/libproc.so.x.x.x that 'top'
can't load.
First, see if the library exists.

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