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Re: blackbox + bash aliases?

On 17-Dec-2001 Lev Lvovsky wrote:
> is there a way to get blackbox to expand aliases in the bash .rc files?  I
> am opening a wterm window with the same args every time, and I'd like not
> to clutter up the menu files.  i've tried the "shopt expand_aliases"
> option, but I still get blackbox complaining that /bin/sh can't find the
> alias (bbterm is the name I'm using).
> otherwise, if there's a way to define variables in the blackbox menu
> files, that would be even better!

sorry, neither of those will work in blackbox.  If you always open a term with
the same options (and never any other options) just follow that term's
directions for edting .Xdefaults or the like.  Otherwise, put the options in a
shell script and have blackbox launch the script.

Also, this would probably be better answered on the blackbox list than here in

blackbox maintainer

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