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Re: moving to Debian

on Thu, Dec 13, 2001 at 01:08:37AM -0600, Matt Greer (matthew-greer@uiowa.edu) wrote:

> I think I'd be fine with potato despite the old packages. It seems
> most people want woody instead. But I do have some questions on Debian
> that will hopefully help me transistion over better.

For server purposes, stable's pretty good.  For a desktop, I prefer
testing or unstable, with a bias toward unstable.

> If I did decide on woody, how exactly would I install it? I know that
> question has been asked many times, but I'm confused about the optimal
> way to do it. Most seem to suggest installing a very minimal potato
> (although what "minimal" means I'm not exactly sure, kernel, modules,
> bash, apt?), 

Minimal means "the base install", without additional packages.

> then do "apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade". This would require
> unstable sources in my source.list file, right?

Well, "unstable" for "Sid", "testing" for "Woody".

> Does this upgrade the kernel and/or lilo? Just reboot and there's
> woody?

Kernels don't upgrade with the system.  This is intentional.

> How could I install SDL in potato? 

What's SDL?  Simple DirectMedia Layer?  No data on that.  Spelling out
acronyms is recommended.

> Is there good documentation on all the package management programs? I
> find apt and all its cousins a bit confusing :) 

The Debian Policy manual is one of the better sources of information.
To a certain extent, it's something you "just know".


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