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Re: Limiting admin privileges

Thus spake Robert Kerr:
> Hi all,
> My group is looking into providing Linux workstations to the engineers,
> but we're worried about future problems regarding admin privileges.  We
> would like to give our engineers root on their boxes so they can set them
> up and provide patches and such.  But, su-ing to root will also allow them
> to access any other users' files (since we have an automount NFS daemon
> which will mount the other users' home directories when accessed).  What
> kind of utilities are available that would allow the users admin-type
> privileges, but disallow their munging others' files?
> Thanks
> -- 
> -bob
sudo is a good alternative here.  It lets you set up what users have
root priviledges for what instances, and has relatively good docs to
get you through the setup.
What awful irony is this?
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